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New Article on Transit Sustainable Funding Issue

Rosalie Singerman Ray, a postdoctoral Research Associate in Transportation Technology and Society, with two other researchers in UCL, shared their opinions on how to make sure public transit has sustainable funding in the coming years as COVID19 has triggered a crisis for public transport.

Lastly, we can make better use of funding for public transport by engaging with people who rely on transit to get around the city. Public transport cannot improve social equity without understanding the needs of everyone from office commuters to shift workers, Black, indigenous, and minority ethnicities – including parents, children, disabled and senior citizens. This is under threat if funding is not sustainable after COVID-19.

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One of the Metro Stations in Germany

For more information, please refer to the article in The Conversation.

Survey:Working outside of your home during the COVID-19 pandemic?


On behalf of researchers at the University of Connecticut, we invite you to participate in an academic study of essential worker transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers will ask participants to discuss their travel behaviors and demographic characteristics.

Any person above the age of 18, living in the United States, and currently working outside of their home is invited to participate. The survey can be accessed at the below link.

English-language version

Spanish-language version


If you have any questions, please email Please forward this message or link to any others you think might be interested in participation.



University of Connecticut Transportation, Technology, & Society Research Group

‘Thank you’ sign in Connecticut expressing thanks to essential workers during the Coronavirus pandemic.